Skiing T Rex Pin by Designosaur

Skiing T-Rex dinosaur enamel pin made from soft enamel.

Seasonal and cool, who doesn't need a T-Rex buddy to hit the slopes with? This guy is bright turquoise with purple details and a little yellow bobble hat. He's going so fast (because he's a pro) that he's creating quite the snow spray! Finished in black, so that the edges stand out.

Soft enamel in vivid colours with black raised details and line work. The design has one pin on the back with a rubber fastening.

You can attach this beaut to anything, a denim jacket, your bobble hat, your backpack or even use it to close your shirt (we don't suggest you do this, we suggest you sew the button back on... but y'kno, multi purpose and all that)

Limited Edition of 100, each pin will come with a designosaur branded backing card.

Hand drawn by the designosaur.


Width: 3.5 cm | 1"
Height: 3 cm | 1"
Thickness: 0.2 cm |

(all inch dimensions are approximate)

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