Jaguar Head Necklace (Watermelon) by Sstutter

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Tropical jungle climates are were you will find the Jaguar. Usually up a tree and relaxing in comfort before committing a the kill. The Jaguar has always been associated with elegance and effortless competence.

With this Jaguar, I wanted to capture the glamour and beauty of this animal. For me this was in the pattern of its coat and its fierceness. This Jaguar is to symbolise simultaneous attraction and danger.

Toxic is a colourway inspired designed to grab attention. A dynamic, contrasting colourway that is dangerous and captivating. The acrylics used are from perspex and include vivid light turquoise and a loght lime colour - both cool tones along with the black gloss.

The Jaguar Head is approximately 2” (50mm) across.

The Chain is 16” (400mm) in length. Included is a detachable extension of 6" (150mm) giving a further option for styling.

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