Plesiosaur (Nessie) Skeleton Necklace by Designosaur


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Skeleton plesiosaur necklace laser engraved and cut from mirror teal acrylic

A swimming dinosaur to hang around my neck! Designosaur's very own myth is that the Japanese reckon they found a plesiosaur in the seventies, and we've all heard of the most famous plesiosaur NESSIE the Loch Ness Monster

Showing her insides like an X-Ray, or in the most common way that we know the dinosaurs (all bones) she'll be quite the talking point!

Hand drawn by designosaur, laser cut and assembled in sunny Brighton, before being sent to you in a designosaur branded gift box (please note that our gift boxes are now natural kraft paper with a yellow logo, not black and gold as seen in some photos).


Head to Flipper: 10 cm 
Head to Tail (width): 14 cm 
Thickness: 0.3 cm |
Chain Length: 40 cm 

DESIGNOSAUR creates jewellery that appeals to the excitable, dinosaur loving child in all of us. Signature pieces are laser cut renditions of dinosaur skeletons. Designs can be found in a number of boutique shops and the Natural History Museum, London.